Former members of the legendary Frank Zappa’s “Mothers of Invention,” reunited for the first time for a Zappanale festival performance in Germany in 2002, when Mothers alumni, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Roy Estrada, Bunk Gardner and Don Preston reunited onstage to continue the legacy of composer Frank Zappa’s iconoclastic and groundbreaking music.

Since 2003, the GrandMothers have been consistently performing at more than 140 concert venues and festivals around the world injecting Frank’s spirit, soul and humor into an authentic live recreation of Zappa’s music for fans and Zappaphiles worldwide.

Last year’s “Roxy & Elsewhere And More” tour featured 14 concerts in 18 days in 7 European countries, while the GrandMothers 2013 “One Size Fits All” tour began in April and features several of the pivotal musicians behind the Zappa legacy. The GrandMothers' distinguished current lineup consists of front-man extraordinaire Napoleon Murphy Brock on vocals and tenor sax, spry octogenarian, magician, vocalist and moog master Don Preston on vocals, piano, keyboard synthesizers, and the legendary Tom Fowler on bass.

These talented musicians bring Zappa’s compositions and on stage theatrical performances to life, giving fans a deeper appreciation for the vanguard composer’s style. With different Zappa eras represented, the GrandMothers continue to serve up vintage psychedelic-rock songs with surreal lyrics, jazz-like harmonies and melodic complexity, sporting eye-catching attire that enhances the performance art that has made them wonderfully unique and original in the world of contemporary music.